Five Reasons Why One Should Insist On Soil Testing Before Construction


A soil test is crucial for a person wishing to construct a building. It is the foundation on which a building is constructed. The larger the building will be, the more important it will be to conduct soil testing. When talking about soil testing Texas, it is done to measure the strength and the type of land upon which a building is to be constructed. Soil testing allows an owner to avail of the necessary information about the ground to determine the type of foundation required. Also, it helps determine what material can be used for construction. Here discussed are 5 main reasons why it is important to get the soil tested before construction.

Identifying appropriate construction materials

It is the output of soil testing in the building construction, such as the character of the soil concerning mineral and chemical composition, that helps determine the type of material to be used for construction. For instance, if the soil is rich in sulfur content then the owner will have to use sulfur-resistant materials to buy the building.

  • Identifying the required foundation type:

The physical and engineering properties of soil, like mineral presence, moisture content, bearing capacity, etc, can be identified through soil testing Texas. It is after knowing about these soil properties that one can easily determine the foundation type for the construction. The main purpose of conducting soil testing is to ensure laying down a strong foundation that can effectively withstand the weight of the building.

  • Helps identify corrosive soil:

Many chemicals like sulfur, chloride, etc are present in the sub-grade of soil which further can react with the concrete. This reaction can result in the deterioration of the concrete foundation, which eventually affects the building’s strength and thus, leads to the building failure over time.

  • Helps avoid resting foundations on poor soil

Foundations resting on poor soils or soil with inadequate depth can result in the movement of the building as the soil settles with time. It is because of this movement of the building that it can cause uniform or differential settlement of the building. The settlement in the building can further lead to the failure of the foundation and hence can become the reason for the collapse of the building. Knowing about soil characteristics through appropriate soil testing methods can help prevent such situations.

  • Identifying possibilities of soil liquefication during earthquakes

Soil liquefication is when a saturated soil deposit loses its strength and stiffness because of the ground shaking, specifically during an earthquake, which further generates excess pore water pressure. It is through soil testing that the possibilities of soil liquefication can be identified, and the collapse of the building can be prevented.


Now that for most people constructing a building is their dream; soil testing thereby can ensure if the particular site is suitable for their dream construction. The type of methods used for soil testing Texas depends on the soil texture and quality.

Trey Rory
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