Wood Stain And Sealer Advantages And Application Process


A sealer is a clear and transparent finish applied on the wood’s outside surface, giving it an appealing look. The major reason for the sealer application is the protection of the wood from moisture damage since the moisture might cause the wood to have fungal growth and wood rot. On the other hand, the wood stain and sealer get used to prevent bleeding after smoothening the stained wood. The Ready Seal provides a deck stain and sealer that contains various elements considered essential for quality wood project finishes. The reliable and professional wood stain and sealer comes superior to other products when they get compared in various aspects, such as the ease of maintenance and application.

Benefits of wood stain and sealer

A wood stain and sealer have several benefits that work to the advantage of the use, enabling the wood to serve them for many years. Some benefits of the Ready Seal deck stain and sealer include the lack of a primer requirement and the ease of application since it can get rolled, sprayed, or brushed on the wood surface. Also, the stain and sealer require no back-brushing, and it never leaves lap or streak marks on the wood, giving it an excellent look. The product blends perfectly with no wet line application requirements and is easy to apply due to the lack of a specific temperature range required for the application. The product comes ready for use as it requires no prior thinning or diluting to spray on the wood.

Wood stain and sealer application process

To get the best out of the wood stain and sealer, following the well-highlighted application steps is necessary. The first deck stain and sealer application process involve cleaning the wood surface to remove mildew, oil, dirt, and grease, among other things that might hinder the proper application. The previously applied stains and sealers must be entirely removed with a proper neutralization of the caustic strippers followed by thorough water rinsing and leaving the wood to dry for 48 hours or more subject to the weather condition. An essential factor to consider during the application process is the protection against overspray, achieved by covering all the plants and vegetation using a plastic drop cloth. Also, one needs to take the necessary precaution when working in a place surrounded by porous stone and concrete surfaces since Ready Seal has a penetrating effect.

It is ill-advised to stand on new wood on which the deck stain and sealer will get applied, with a recommendation to properly clean the surfaces and make them free of dust before staining. Additionally, there is a minimum of 12% or less moisture requirement on all the different wood species before they get stained. Using an electronic moisture meter makes it possible to measure the moisture content of the wood. Adherence to the application steps enables an individual to achieve the advantages of the Ready Seal products. Also, the proper application process protects the wood giving the owner maximum durability.

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