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What is the major difference between Wired and Wireless Security Cameras or CCTV?


Wired and wireless, the word self-exploratory to define the nature of the product and both have significant differences and pros and cons.

With the technology improvement and with the internet world, Safeguarding your house is easier than ever before with security camera systems. Irrespective of the wired or wireless using either of the options one can easily observe your house while on holiday or a job. It acts as a second set of eyes when you are at home alone and one would always think before doing anything around your property.

When you think of a wired CCTV camera, a mesh of wire will come to your mind and wired cameras need more set-up time and effort and skill set but at the same time deliver greater reliability.

Wireless security cameras or wi-fi CCTV cameras are comparatively less expensive and can be set up quickly. But internet failure and on-site tampering are possible negative points.

Wired Security Cameras

Wired security CCTV cameras send video and audio signals through a wire to a central defined PC. The footage can either remain on local the PC for later review. The web permits users to view the video in real-time or watch it later stage. Power is required through hardwired cable and this power may directly come from a powerful platform.

Following are the pros and cons which is very necessary to know are listed below.

Positive Aspect

  • Explicit video and audio signals
  • Faithful signals, do not fall
  • Constant power supply to cameras
  • Wireless hacking is not likely to be possible

Negative Aspect

  • The not portable system stays with the home if you move to some other place.
  • Lengthy wiring that makes house odd
  • Wiring must be run through multiple locations which deteriorate the house’s look and feel.
  • Limitation of the camera by the number of jacks DVR has

Now we have gone through with wired Security Camera now below is some brief knowledge about wireless Security camera also known as wi-fi CCTV Camera.

Wireless Security Cameras or wi-fi CCTV Camera

Wireless security camera techniques transmit footage from cameras placed near the house to the home’s Wi-Fi and as the name indicate it’s free from the wire and the transmission is totally wireless.

Once the Wi-Fi accepts the signal, it is transmitted to a cloud server, where footage can be considered lively or it is stored for later viewing. Some cameras have inbuilt micro SD cards which store a little amount of footage as per the memory level.

Common features to predict in wireless and wire-free safety camera systems include dark vision, two-way audio, HD video, and voice command through your choice of digital aid like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant etc.

The difference between wireless and wire-free systems is important. Video signals are sent wirelessly to the central seat when we talk about Wireless cameras

Wireless cameras are battery-powered. Because wire-less cameras’ come with a limited power source, it has a feature to conserve power by recording only when they detect a movement. Following are the key pros and cons that are listed below.

Positive Aspect

  • Clean and wireless installation
  • The system is flexible and portable
  • Easy to add more cameras
  • A burglar cannot cut wire

Negative Aspect

  • the signal range is limited
  • Connectivity with other Wi-Fi.
  • Prone to digital spying.
  • Needs to change the battery

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