Thursday, May 30, 2024

Tips for Gardening in Spring


From a compact lawn to grand grounds and everything in between, there are plenty of ways to spruce up your garden this spring.

As seasonal traditions go, preparing for a Spring clean is one of our favourites – the scent of soft washing powder and floral detergents wafting through the home is something that reminds most people that Winter is over and Spring has sprung, but why limit this feeling to only the inside of your home? As the warmer weather slowly but surely makes an appearance, your garden becomes a sanctuary of peace and tranquillity; so make it a space worth visiting.

A good foundation is crucial to any successful project, and gardening is no exception. Using the right compost and tools is the key to making a garden flourish, for example some are beneficial in aiding the growth of fruits and vegetables, and others encourage exceptional plant growth. Here at Two Wests, we stock a variety of different composting equipment to ensure the best results possible. Why not try our beehive composting bin? A modern, aesthetically pleasing version of the traditional compost bin, it ensures the best quality soil whilst fitting in as a decorative feature to your garden.

Once you have established a good foundation for your plants to flourish in, you can really let your creative flair shine through; there are many easy yet beautiful plants that make a stunning addition to any plot of land. The rhododendron plant is a favourite among both amateur and experienced gardeners alike due to its exquisite floral scent and easy to maintain nature; it simply needs an acidic based soil to thrive and deliver beautiful flowers year on year. We recommend using composting sacks, which given their versatile nature can be used to create the perfect compost for your environment.

As Spring rolls around, so do the BBQ’s, and there is nothing better than treating your guests to some homemade produce, your very own salad garden! You only need a small space to create a big impact, and this is the perfect solution for those who want a low-maintenance way of growing something beneficial. Many seeds can be planted in the same pot and thrive well together such as lettuces, spinach & arugula. Simply rinse and serve and we’re sure you’ll be a hit.

Finally, no garden would be complete without a pair of Wellington boots, so why not turn them into something beautiful, as a simple Spring project for adults and children alike. Firstly, start by drilling small holes in the bottom of the boots and lining with stones to allow water to perforate the bottom and evenly soak the soil. Next, make your own good quality compost with a Compost Accelerator, which is ideal for impatient little ones (and grown-ups alike!) Lastly fill a pair of your chosen boots and plant your favourite seeds, water and wait for the magic to happen! We love petunias for this project.

Trey Rory
the authorTrey Rory