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Tips for a Low-Maintenance Bathroom


The bathroom is the least favourite part of many homeowners when it comes to cleaning. If you dread cleaning your bathroom, you are not alone. But the good news is that there are ways to make it easier to maintain. So, if you plan on having a bathroom makeover, or you are having a new bathroom built, you will find the tips below useful.


When it comes to the bathroom, the tiles make up most of it, so you must make the right choice for easy cleaning. The grouts between the tiles are difficult to maintain. Dirt could stick easily, and they may eventually discolour, making it even harder to get them back to their fresh state. Use bigger tiles, so there would be lesser grout use. For the countertop of your cabinet, use quartz instead of tiles, so there is no need to use grout. Quartz materials are also easy to clean.


Avoid intricate details on your cabinet as it could make cleaning more difficult, especially in small, narrow areas. Go for a simple yet chic one, so it will look attractive while staying low-maintenance. You may also opt for a hanging wall cabinet with a mirror. It saves space, and since it doesn’t have many parts, it will be quicker to keep.


A frameless shower glass enclosure like those from  JTSpas is a great choice if you want a shower area that is easy to maintain. It looks modern and stylish at the same time. You will find a range of enclosures to choose from, which are available in different styles, prices, and sizes. They are made of durable and easy to clean glass, so wiping them with a clean cloth after every shower or using glass cleaners or mild detergent weekly is enough to keep it clean and looking great for a long time. Frameless enclosures also have minimal parts, which add to their ease of maintenance.


A freestanding bathtub is easier to maintain than a built-in one. It is more manageable to reach all areas as they are not permanently attached to the walls. There are even walk-in bathtubs with doors that you can open to easily reach the inside part. Furthermore, this type of bathtub is beneficial to older people and those with disability or mobility problems since getting in is more convenient. Modern bathtubs also now come with self-cleaning features.


Cleaning the toilet is a nightmare for many people. However, with the availability of wall faced toilets, it’s no longer a dreaded task. These toilets do not have the curves older models have, so cleaning is quicker. Plus, some are rimless, making maintenance even hassle-free.


You can skip tiling the wall and paint it instead. Choose a glossy or satin finish for more convenient cleaning. These paints are more resistant to moisture, thus preventing mould or mildew growth.

Achieve a low maintenance bathroom that is easy to clean without sacrificing its aesthetics with the tips above.


Trey Rory
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