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Roofer in Pleasanton – Here are the top places to reach out to! 


A sturdy roof over the head is all many people dream of in today’s expensive world. But, to keep the roof strong, it needs regular repairs and inspections. Even the perfect-looking roof seems may be in dire need to repair. And before it’s too late, one should reach out to a roofer service near them. However, each roof is different and is in different conditions, and will naturally need a different repair or inspection. So, one should be careful while picking a reliable service. Here are some of the most trusted Roofer in Pleasanton.

  • Sierra Roofing and Solar

It was founded in 1976, providing roofing and solar along with high-quality roof repairs and replacements. They provide consistent services with good quality and sturdy replacements at affordable prices. Along with this, they believe in innovation and keep modernizing the installations and other techniques. They respond immediately in case of emergency and are available 24×7. They encourage their customers to opt for solar panels to become cautious about energy consumption.

  • Pavone Roofing 

They provide free estimates and consultation services. From scheduling to executing repairs, they maintain the true workmanship spirit. From roof replacements to repairs to changing the facades or trim boards, they are here to help their customers. Their commitment to their customers makes them one of the top Roofer in Pleasanton.

  • Jim Hageman Roofing 

They are a licensed roofer company and are locally owned and operated. They can speak English and Spanish. With 30 years of experience in the business, they provide free estimates to potential customers. From Asphalt Shingle Roof Installation to roofing and repairing to leak repairs, they have the people of Pleasanton covered. They also provide services like gutter installation and maintenance services.

  • Clean Roofing 

After Clean Solar, the owners started Clean Roofing in 2007 to provide transparent and affordable services to the residents of Pleasanton. They guide the customers throughout the process as getting roofing repaired or replaced can be a bit hectic. The workmanship is guaranteed with certified professionals. To keep at par with the world, they provide the customers with services like virtual estimates.

  • V Mendoza Roofing 

They are a family-owned and operated company that can speak English and Spanish. They provide free estimates and accept a variety of payment modes. From roof installation to flat roofing to repairs, they can do it all. They also provide services like gutter installation, downspout installation, gutter cleaning, and repairs. They take little time to do a satisfactory job.

  • O D R Roofing 

They have been in service since 2004 and have delivered consistent results ever since. They are exceptional in asphalt shingle, wood shake, natural state, and classic tile roofing. Their services are insured, bonded, and licensed, increasing credibility and reliability. They have certified professionals for their services and provide free consultations and estimates.

Roofing is an important service for residential and commercial spaces alike. A roof keeps everyone safe, but when not in the best conditions, it can cause accidents. So, regular inspections and repairs are always needed to ensure the safety of man and property.

Trey Rory
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