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Pros of Hand Tools


Technological advancement and the urge to get things done quickly have led to the emergence of power tools. Despite clear advantages over traditional hand tools, hand tools from NGC still rule the market and have domination over power tools in certain areas. Due to their multiple benefits, hand tools are still favored by several people for carrying out tasks.

What are hand tools?

It is a hand-held device or equipment that doesn’t require any battery, power source, cord, or compressed air to operate. Screwdrivers, manual saws, pliers, hammers, and wrenches are some of the different types of manual hand tools that are popular and widely used. Because there is no need for any power or motor source, the hand tools can be used anywhere and anytime. This is the biggest advantage of using hand tools.


When compared with power tools, hand tools seem to render more accurate results. Intricate details and carvings in metal, wood and other materials are easier to achieve. Hand tools are easy to maneuver and control. Thus, they are considered better for achieving high precision in certain types of artworks. For example, musical instruments and tools, and wooden decorating artwork.

Quiet operation

One of the highlighting benefits of hand tools is that they function quietly, unlike power tools. Several craftsmen dislike being surrounded by the buzzing, loud, and distracting noise of power tools. Furthermore, people who continuously use power tools for a prolonged period have potential hearing loss or ringing in the ears issues.

Always functional

Since hand tools don’t require any power source to function, they don’t depend on electricity for operation. Similarly, there are no computerized or mechanical components that could have the possibility of breakdown and require repairs. The hand tools from NGC have longer durability because they have lesser moving components. Unlike power tools, there is also no need to be plugged in or charged, and are always ready to function.

Safer to operate

The best part about hand tools is that the possibility of getting injured or hurt is fewer, making them safer for overall operation. Power tools are designed to operate at high speeds, which is dangerous. This also means that getting injured is evident. Therefore, it is suggested that only those with training and years of experience should handle power tools. DIY enthusiasts must consider the safety factor before investing in power tools.


Another reason that makes hand tools a preferred choice is their lightweight. This also makes the hand tools easier to handle and operate. The majority of the hand tools are designed to work with one hand, thereby weighing not more than 3 pounds or less. This is the opposite of power tools that can weigh up to 10 pounds or sometimes even more. The lightweight also makes hand tools safer, and simpler to use.


The above-mentioned benefits make hand tools from NGC a preferred choice over power tools. Because they are lightweight, hand tools are easier to function and even transport. Furthermore, the hand tools are cost-effective to purchase and require minimal maintenance. One simply needs to keep them free from corrosion and rust.

Trey Rory
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