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Pro Advice: What Happens if You Don’t Prune Your Trees?


Tree pruning services are part of home maintenance that a lot of homeowners actually don’t know about or forget about. Taking care of your trees and keeping them pruned is important for a lot of reasons and it should be kept up with on an annual basis. There’s a lot to keep in mind and take into consideration when it comes to tree pruning, so we’re going to give you all the advice you need. Let’s look at the effects that not pruning your trees will have on you and when the best time is to prune your trees. 

What Happens If You Don’t Prune Your Trees?

Tree pruning is quite important for a lot of different reasons. Tree pruning takes care of the maintenance needed on the overgrowth of trees and it can help with diseased trees. Regardless of the reason you want to prune your trees, there are a lot of negative effects that can happen if you don’t prune your trees regularly. Visit our website for additional resources at

One thing that will happen if you don’t prune your trees is that diseased trees will actually spread the disease to your healthy trees. Tree pruning helps to stop the spread of disease, so not pruning your trees can let the disease spread which will cause many more trees to get sick and even die. 

Falling branches are very common among trees that have not been pruned ever or in a long time. Branches continue to grow out from trees and they can get caught on things that make them fall; they simply die and fall off. This can cause damage to the surroundings of the tree and it can injure people underneath the tree if a branch falls. Plus, if the tree branches extend out too far they can also affect power lines, neighbors, and other trees. 

Tree pruning is important for fruit trees as well and if you do not prune them then this can cause your fruit tree to actually stop producing fruit altogether. Dead and diseased limbs will also stunt the fruit growth.

Signs That Your Trees Need Pruning

There are a few signs to watch out for that will indicate that you need tree pruning done. Remember that tree pruning services should be completed by professionals only, so if you notice signs that you need pruning you should never attempt it yourself. Tree pruning services are very easily found and the job can be completed quickly. So if you notice any signs that you may need tree pruning, be sure to contact a tree service company to take care of it before negative effects start taking place. 

  • Broken or splintering branches
  • Misshapen trees
  • Dead/diseased trees/limbs
  • Branches over power lines or in other areas that they shouldn’t be in
  • Trees damaged by a storm
  • Too much growth
  • Weak branches
  • Dense trees
  • Cracks in the bark
  • Crossing branches

When Should You Prune Your Trees?

Tree pruning is something that should be added to your home maintenance. This type of thing is often forgotten by homeowners, but it’s important to take care of the greenery surrounding your home to ensure that nothing goes wrong. It’s recommended to prune your trees annually to keep up with overgrowth, and diseased limbs, and take care of trees that are oddly shaped. 

The best time of year to prune trees is in the wintertime. This is the best season for many different reasons, but one is that the trees are dormant. Trees typically are blooming with leaves, but in the wintertime, they are bare. This allows the tree service company to see what they are doing and better prune the branches that need it without working around leaves and dense trees. This is also when fruit trees and trees that bloom are not in “season” so it allows for a clean cut without destroying flowers or fruit from the tree. Pruning your trees in the winter time allows for the tree to be ready to fully bloom in the spring/summer time. 

Is Tree Pruning Necessary?

So, tree pruning is actually necessary and a lot of homeowners forget about maintaining the trees on their property. Trees will continue to grow around everything in their path if they aren’t taken care of properly. Not pruning trees can have negative effects and pruning trees can do so much good for your trees. Tree pruning prevents disease and death with your trees, and pruning them allows for fruit, flowers, and leaves to fully flourish when it comes spring time. If you see any signs that you may need tree pruning then you should contact a tree service company. Never attempt to prune trees yourself; this can be extremely dangerous and you risk ruining your trees. Tree service companies can help you set up your annual tree pruning as soon as you’re ready. 

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