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How to Save Money When You Buy a Stairlift


Stairlifts can be an excellent way to keep your independence and let you stay in your home for longer. They simply glide you up and down the stairs, so there’s no more risks of trips and falls, and no more achy joints from climbing the staircase. However, stairlifts can be a big investment, and if you’re on a limited budget, there are ways you can save money. Find some tips below that’ll help you get the best model at the best price.

Shop with the experts

Rather than buying from an individual or even buying a stairlift online, you should consider visiting your local expert. Although there aren’t many businesses who specialise in stairlifts alone, the ones that do often have dozens of models, so you can find the best one for your budget. These independent shops also give much better advice than chain stores.

Choose a reconditioned model

Stairlifts can last for many years, so you’ll find a few reconditioned models on the market. These are essential second-hand stairlifts that have been uninstalled from the user’s home, then reconditioned so they work well. Choosing reconditioned stairlifts Solihull can save you a lot of money compared to buying a new model, so if you’re on a limited budget, it’s definitely an option to consider.

Shop around for the best price

If you want to buy a stairlift, there are lots of reasons to shop around:

  • You can take advantage of retailers’ offers
  • You can get quotes – some companies will charge more for the same model of stairlift, so it’s worth getting more than one price
  • You can compare a wide range of stairlifts to find the perfect one for you

Buying a stairlift is much like any other big purchase. It’s worth ensuring that you get the best price by comparing deals and shopping around.

If you’d like a stairlift, but worry about affording it, then it’s worth looking into ways to save money. Firstly, a stairlift may not cost quite as much as you think. Even new, there are inexpensive models, and some dealers offer different payment options to help you afford it. Also, there are options such as buying refurbished, which means you get a stairlift at a cheaper price, without compromising on quality. A stairlift can massively improve your quality of life, so don’t put off having one installed. Find the best price and enjoy independence in your own home.

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