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How to Babyproof Your Plumbing


Are you pregnant? Congratulations! Congratulations! Our team at Clog Kings understands that the arrival of a baby can affect every aspect of your home, including your plumbing. We have listed below a few tips to prepare your plumbing for your baby.

Install a Water Softener

It is in everyone’s best interests to install a water softener. Hard water can quickly dry out hair and skin due to the minerals found. Hard water is also more difficult to use as a bathing solution and can cause irritation to delicate baby skin. We recommend installing a whole-home water softener to avoid potential problems.


Babyproofing does not end with cabinet locks and outlet covers. Your baby’s plumbing can pose a danger to your baby. It is best to be safe. To protect baby’s heads, you can use a silicone soft faucet covering or a water temperature thermometer. You will also need to purchase toilet cover locks. These are great for when your baby starts to be mobile. These devices keep your baby safe from water and prevent them from dumping anything down the toilet.

Flushing Rules

A sudden rise in the number of clogged toilets is often the biggest plumbing problem that new parents face. Parents often flush baby wipes down their toilets. Even wipes that claim they are flushable don’t actually flush. For more information, see our previous blog. They are a bit more efficient than their non-flushable counterparts. Both varieties can get stuck in pipes and cause clogs.

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