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We realize that sometimes you need to move into your new house straight immediately! However, we have observed a few situations when customers suffer considerably less stress if they have the resources and capacity to postpone their move until specific improvements are completed. Here are some home renovations to complete before moving in.

Kitchen renovations

The kitchen is the heart of the home–unless it’s a terrible disaster that requires a complete gut and renovation. This is one of the most common home renovations to complete before moving in. Many people recommend that you move into your new home and wait a few months before remodelling. In many situations, this is sound advice. Understanding the flow and feel of your house and how you want that to remain or enhance with a renovation may greatly aid your design planning.

A modern kitchen
Renovating a kitchen is a vital step when moving to a new house.

However, if the kitchen is too old, cramped, or in need of repair, it is nearly always preferable to refurbish the kitchen first before moving in. If you don’t, you’ll be burdened with the additional stress of washing dishes in the bathroom sink, eating a lot of takeouts, and dealing with the various inconveniences of a makeover in one of the most essential rooms in your house. Furthermore, there are occasions when the water main must be cut off, which means you will not have water access throughout the remainder of your new home. There are many great tips for small kitchens and big kitchens so there is no need to worry. If you have the time to wait, you should!

Layout changes

Wait to move into your new house if you know you’ll be transforming the small living room, family room, and little kitchen combo into a magnificent great room. Between the dirt and debris of demolishing and reconstructing walls, rewiring electrical, drywalling, painting, and installing new flooring, a large section of your home will be unlivable for the first several months. It will be a lot easier on you and your family (as well as your belongings) if you can accomplish these major adjustments prior to your relocation.

Furthermore, large renovations like this will require contractors and personnel to be present in your new location for 6-12 weeks. While respectable businesses will be pleasant and helpful, this additional company will make it harder for you to settle into your new location in the beginning. Allow the work to be completed before enjoying your newly renovated area.

Master bathroom renovations

If your new house lacks a number of large or full bathtubs, remodel your master bath or main bathroom before moving in. The bathroom, like the kitchen, gets a lot of foot traffic every day. If you have to take unpleasant showers, keep your towels and toiletries in inconvenient places, or jam the entire family into one small bathroom area, you should do these modifications before you move. There are great ways to save money on remodelling and keeping the bathroom cosy and luxurious. Everyone will be happy as a result, and you can start using your new soaker tub right away to relieve moving tension.

Modern bathroom
Since the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, it is crucial for it to be functional before moving in

But, before you start the renovations, make sure that you packed your bathroom properly. There are teams that will prepare this room in no time, so you don’t have to worry much. There are many fragile items stored in your bathroom, and they should be handled carefully.

Bedroom renovations

Finally, if you already know that your new home’s modest master bedroom will be transformed into a big master suite, remodel the room before you move. A lack of sufficient sleep can only exacerbate the stress of your relocation. Keeping your clothing in boxes, odd closets, or bedrooms will also make you feel uneasy in your new house. In reality, you may finish one room and live comfortably while you renovate the rest of the property. That is why this is the most important home renovations to complete before moving in.

We understand that it is not always possible to wait for a makeover before moving into a new house. If you must relocate immediately yet have large home remodelling plans, consult with an experienced design-build firm. These specialists will not only assist you in obtaining your ideal makeover, but they will also ensure that the renovation is as convenient and quick for you and your family as feasible. This doesn’t mean you won’t have a few weeks of dust or unusable rooms, but you’ll have a plan and an estimated end date for the disruption. You’ll be able to fully settle in and enjoy your new home in no time.

Painting the inside of your new house

When talking about home renovations to complete before moving in, this is the most important one. A new coat of paint is a low-cost home renovation job that can instantly add colour and customize your room. It also protects the surfaces of your home from wear and tear. Painting an empty room is much easier, whether you do it yourself or hire someone to do it. Furthermore, repainting your walls before moving day eliminates the scent of drying paint on your property.

Before moving and planning your painting schedule you should consider your furniture. If you are going to paint the house in a colour that doesn’t match your furniture you should consider changing some of your furniture. You can make a moving inventory list and make sure you don’t forget anything and get rid of anything you don’t need.

Fix or upgrade the electricals if needed

These modifications may be done at any time, although everything is simpler to reach in an empty room. Consider adding more electrical outlets or updating existing ones if you’re moving into an older house, especially one constructed before the mid-’90s. Many older homes lack the electrical capacity to accommodate a large number of electronics and powerful devices that many people currently utilize. You can upgrade your electrical set up with a home wind turbine or a solar panel. Additional outlets in your rooms can help you organize equipment, such as laptops, speakers, and gaming systems, as well as provide space for everyone to charge their phones. Consider adding programmable thermostats and light fixtures to your electrical improvements.

Electrical switch
Fixing or upgrading the electricals in your new house will make your house a safer place.

Change the locks

Lastly but most importantly, you must ensure the safety of your family and your new house. So, before you move in, make sure you hire a locksmith to change your locks. You never know who could have an extra key, therefore it’s not worth the risk. Don’t forget to secure the back door and garage door, as well as any sheds or other structures on your property, while installing the locks.

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