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Getting the Backyard Makeover of Your Dreams With 6 Tips


If you’ve ever watched a home improvement show on TV, you’ve probably seen (and drooled over) a few before and after pictures of yards that went from trashy to flashy in what seemed like record time. While television doesn’t always show the whole story, the good news is, with some planning and prioritizing, a backyard makeover can be fit into nearly any budget or lifestyle. Consider these six tips when planning your outside renovation.

1. Add Some Cover

To keep the sun’s rays from throwing off your groove, consider ways to bring shade to your back patio. This can include a retractable pergola canopy, a trellis with flowering vines, or even a wooden roof extension.

2. Change Up the View

When standing on the back patio, do you see a flat expanse of dirt or grass? Consider adding some visual interest by planting flowers, tall grasses, succulents, and even trees. Adding landscaping elements like a fountain, a path, or a decorative boulder can add some wow factor as well.

3. Look Under Your Feet

Many houses are built with a basic concrete patio. This can not only wear down over time but also become worn and stained. You may consider having the concrete stained and sealed, giving it a bright sheen and complementary color. You can also have slate tiles installed over the existing concrete for an upscale, bespoke look.

4. Light the Way

Lighting can be a game-changer in a backyard makeover. You can add fairy lights or string lights to your pergola or canopy. You can place solar lights along the garden path or edges of the patio. You can even add an awesome fire pit for social gatherings and smores nights.

5. Feed the Grass

Green grass can be a simple and striking way to up the ante in your backyard. Look into the growing seasons and lawn fertilization suggestions for your area. Consider having an expert test your soil and add amendments as needed. Beautiful grass is a great foundation for a beautiful yard.

6. Spruce Up the Border

The visual impact of your backyard is affected greatly by the fence around it. If your space is fenced in, take a look at the state of the posts and pickets. You may consider having your fence restained, some pieces replaced, or your gate repaired.

A little bit can go a long way in a backyard renovation. Small makeover tips like greening up the grass, adding a canopy, and stringing solar lights are just a few ways to get the most out of your backyard.

Trey Rory
the authorTrey Rory