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Can You Replace Your HVAC System Yourself in Houston, TX?


It’s no secret that HVAC services in Houston, TX, can get rather pricey. However, that doesn’t mean that you should ever think that it’s okay to DIY your HVAC unit. It’s a complicated process with equipment, tools, and methods that can only be completed properly by a trained professional. When you’re considering an HVAC system replacement, you should never try and complete the project without the assistance of a qualified HVAC technician.

HVAC services, such as replacing an HVAC system, should never be done by an untrained individual. Improper installation leads to damage, fire, premature failure, accident, or injury. Completing an HVAC system installation without a certified expert will void most warranties.

Should You Do HVAC Services Yourself?

Is it hard to install an HVAC system? Without the proper knowledge, training, and experience, absolutely. The heating and cooling systems throughout your home might seem pretty simple to understand. However, when you open up the unit, you will quickly find that what’s there is a lot more complicated than you thought.

There are seemingly endless reasons why you should never DIY HVAC. Those that are qualified HVAC technicians have seen firsthand what happens to homeowners when they try and complete an HVAC system installation independently. It’s not pretty. On top of that, because the property owner made the attempt and failed, the professional HVAC services required are much more involved and, in turn, a lot more expensive.

Top 3 Reasons to Hire an Expert for HVAC Services

All it really takes to fully understand why HVAC system installation is a project that you don’t want to get caught up in. Chances are, you will only make it so far, and then you’ll require the assistance of an HVAC technician anyway, and now you’ve wasted time, money, and energy only to have to pay someone to do it in the end.

Before you try to cut corners and save yourself a few dollars, take into consideration these three risks associated with do-it-yourself HVAC services in Houston, TX:

  • Premature equipment failure – when very complex heating or cooling equipment is installed, there are specific processes and parts that must be included with precision. One screw in the wrong place can lead to inefficient operations, complete breakdown, or even cause a fire.
  • Accident or injury – sure, you can get hurt, or an accident can happen at any time. So putting in an HVAC system isn’t really that much of a risk in your eyes. However, when you hire someone, you can completely eliminate that danger from your life. A reputable HVAC company will be licensed and insured. In the event something does happen, you won’t have to worry about it. Make sure when you call for HVAC services the contractor has the proper coverage and credentials. 
  • Voided warranties – you did some price shopping and discovered that the heating unit or central air conditioning system you want is much cheaper than your local HVAC tech quoted you. However, make sure you read the fine print. You can buy it yourself, but if you don’t have proof that a qualified contractor installed it, then you are most likely going to lose any warranty coverage. Improper installation could mean a greater chance of failure, and you’re going to need that warranty, or you can kiss your investment goodbye.

When you’re investing in a new furnace or AC unit, you’re putting your hard-earned money into something you expect to last. Don’t put that cash on the table only to throw it away because you tried to do a complex HVAC system installation on your own.

How Much Do HVAC Services Cost?

The price of air conditioning repair or heater replacement varies greatly depending on factors like:

  • The local industry standard for HVAC services
  • How long will it take to complete the repair
  • If the repair is an emergency or not (typically, a higher service call rate is charged on weekends and holidays)
  • What’s wrong with the unit
  • Difficulty to access the heating or cooling system
  • Parts required to make the repair

On average, you can expect to fork over anywhere between $100 and $600 for a typical repair. Then you have to add in the price for the labor the contractor you call charges. Nationally, most HVAC technicians charge between $100 to $250 for a flat fee service call or $65 to $150 an hour.

How can you avoid the cost of HVAC services? Make sure to take care of what you have with routine HVAC maintenance, which should also be done by a professional. 

The Time it Takes to Replace an HVAC System

To go along with the cost of your HVAC system, think about the time being used up. Especially when you waste hours or days trying to do it alone before calling in the experts. A typical HVAC system repair, when done by a qualified specialist, takes four or five hours. Replacing both the furnace and air conditioning requires eight to 14 hours.

You’re already spending a generous amount of time on the project when the pros are handling it. Don’t eat up any more of your day by attempting HVAC services by yourself.

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