Affordable Extras to Add to Your Swimming Pool


Waterfalls, slides, diving boards, and swim-up bars are just a few of the amenities you may add to your pool, but you must consider the additional expense as well as the aesthetic. They may be entertaining in a water park or resort, but you must consider the overall picture. When you or your children are wary of something that looked like a wonderful idea at the time, it may turn out to be a detractor.

Water Slides

If you have children who would enjoy a water slide, many options are available that will keep them entertained. However, be aware that although a pool slide may appear to be a lot of fun when they are young, they may quickly outgrow the thrill, leaving you with a permanent structure that no one uses.

Pool designers believe that slides are being installed less often than in previous years because they may increase the risk of accidents. They also need plumbing hook-ups to keep the slide wet, adding to the pool’s total expense.

Diving Boards

A diving board, like a slide, may be a lot of fun for both kids and adults, but after the adrenaline wears off, it may not be used as often. Also, if you aren’t interested in diving, don’t put one in. A diving board also necessitates a pool’s deep end, and they can be dangerous if not built properly and examined for safety regularly.

Furthermore, when there is a liability concern, insurance premiums rise. Many individuals get injured when they dive into their backyard pools. When determining whether to add one to your pool, keep this in mind.

Concrete Borders

For patios and edging, concrete is the most cost-effective solution. You may save money by using a separate pour for each, rather than switching to a different material, if you want a nice contrasting aesthetic, such as natural stone. Many concrete swimming pool patios now feature concrete that extends all the way to the pool’s edge. It’s all poured at the same time, so there’s no visible divide between the pool and the terrace.

You may perform a separate pour around two feet around the pool instead. After that, pour the concrete for the remaining patio. You can also use coloured or stamped concrete.


Many people add waterfalls to their in-ground swimming pool for a jungle or rainforest ambiance. Working with a designer early in the pool planning process is your best choice if you want to include a waterfall. If the waterfall is appropriately constructed, it can serve as a return for the filtered pool water.

A water feature may give a pleasant and calming sound. However, you must have a thorough comprehension of the final output. You may get the same effect by placing a fountain near the pool instead of spending the extra money on a waterfall.

Trey Rory
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