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5 Lawn Care Tips to keep your Lawn Neat and Vibrant


Taking care of your lawn gives you a special kind of satisfaction not many chores do. You have come a long way, found the grass you wanted on your lawn, planted them, and now they are grown and need some good witte lawn maintenance.

This is the interesting part. There are multiple steps and different activities you will indulge in the process. Some of these will also require special types of equipment. Here are 5 steps you must not skip to having a beautiful lawn;

The Basics

Taking care of your lawn doesn’t start by watering and mowing. The actual land maintenance starts with knowing the type of soil in your region, the best type of grass for that region, getting the grass, and planting it. These are the important basics you must go through first.

Knowing your soil is the best way to know which grass will grow into the most beautiful in your particular region. No matter what you do, if the oil is not right for your plans you can’t expect good results.

You want to first fix tough spots and repair batches before you can plant your seeds. You also want to make sure that your soil is ready when it’s time for planting and that you plant your seeds right.

Watering your Lawn

Now that you have the basics in check, let’s get to the real maintenance. The general rule of thumb is that you should water your lawn grasses deeply and less frequently. That is how they grow best. However, this depends on the type of grass, so it brings you back to basics; knowing the type of grass you plant as well as different seasons from month to month.

Some grass conserves water more than others. This type of grass may need watering in less frequent intervals and you can reduce consumption. On the other hand, some types of grass may need watering more often.

Weeding your Lawn

Weeding is another important care tip for your lawn. You want to get rid of weeds and other unwanted plants to create more space for your grass to grow without much stress. It also allows the grass to take up all the water and ingredients without fighting and competing with the weeds

Mowing your Lawn

Mowing is important for height and length. While you keep feeding your grass with water and the right nutrients, it keeps growing taller to a height that your lawn doesn’t need. And when the grass reaches this length, it is time to mow.

Make sure to follow the best practices. Some people have a calendar that they follow and they mow on some specific days or weeks. But the most recommended practice is mowing according to the length of your grass. The types of grass also determine the length you should go for. Some look best shorter and others need more height.


Edging is the final step to taking care of your lawn. It may also be referred to as bordering. Just like the name suggests, this is making sure that the grass doesn’t grow outside of the area it is needed. It helps keep your lawn looking neat and tidy.

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