5 Factors To Consider When Sourcing A Commercial Painter


  There’s never a second chance to make the first impression. There are many commercial painters in the market. Choosing the best can be a daunting task. You need to consider hiring dallas commercial painters if your office exterior and interior details have seen better days. Here are some top five factors before hiring a commercial building painter to facelift your property.

Insurance and licensing compliance

 A reliable painting company should be approved for operations in your locality. This is because different states may have specific regulations for commercial buildings. Further, the painting company should have liability insurance to protect its painters from injuries and accidents. You do not want to be dragged into compensation claims for injured workers on your property.

Additionally, the insurance protects your building from damage incurred while the company works on your property.

1.     Experience

A commercial painting contract is a large-scale agreement. It involves painting large, demanding projects, is keen on details and often needs scores of painters, ladders, and scaffolding.  Therefore, ensure the painting company has an experienced team to handle your project. They should have the appropriate tools and machines to complete the job. Further, find out if the company has handled buildings similar to yours. Their experience will determine the level of success they’ll accomplish in your task.

2.     Time limits

Commercial painting projects are tied to time. Often, when the property is new, the owner may require occupants to occupy it immediately after the premise is ready. Further, the existing occupants any not have the pleasure of closing down their businesses to allow the painting to be done. Therefore, talk about the timeframe within which the painting project will be done. The company should give you estimated timelines so you can plan your project. You can include the likely timelines in the contract you sign with the company.

3.     Cost

Painting cost varies from one company to another. Therefore, you should draw a budget and request your preferred companies to bid. The bid can also give you estimates for the painting task. Then, use these estimates to decide the best provider. Compare the price quoted by each of the providers and choose the best. The cheapest is, however not always the best option. Therefore, consider pricing against the quality of paint and artistry done.

4.     Reputation

Does the painting company have a name in the market? The painting company should have a good review from previous clients. You can talk to the company’s former clients and listen to what they would say about their services. You can check their website and sample their reputation. Online feedback also helps you to know about their customer experience. Does the painter meet deadlines? Do they handle complaints satisfactorily? A painter with positive reviews is likely to give you desirable outcomes.


A commercial painter is a significant partner in marketing your commercial property. A building that is professionally painted speaks volumes. Therefore, choose a professional, experienced, reliable painter to overhaul your property. A shiny new coat is a rebranding statement you send to your clients and competitors.

Trey Rory
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