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4 Tips on for Making your Refrigerators Last Longer


Our refrigerators are one of the most important appliances we have around our house. Many people view it as a place where they can find comfort as it keeps all our favorite food and beverages fresh and ready for consumption at any time. Refrigerators are very hard-working appliances as they are often pressed to properly function 24/7.

Replacing a refrigerator is no easy task as the price for one is nothing short of expensive. One of the best ways to avoid replacing your refrigerator anytime soon is through proper care and maintenance. Properly taking care of your refrigerator will extend its life span for several years while also allowing you to earn some money back by selling it to another person.

We have compiled here some simple tips on what you can do to give some little love and care with your refrigerator appliances.

Keep your Door Seals Free from Grime

Refrigerator doors have rubber seals around them to keep the temperature properly regulated inside the fridge. These seals are essential as they prevent the cool air inside the fridge from seeping out and keep warm air from entering over an extended period.

These seals will often find themselves getting dirty from dirt and grime over time. It is important to frequently keep these seals cleaned as breaking them will cause your fridge to perform poorly.

Practice Dusting the Coils behind the Appliance

The coals behind our refrigerators are the main component that regulates the temperature inside our fridge. Practice keeping them clean from any dust particles as they might hamper the performance of the coils Leaving your coils dirty and unchecked will cause unnecessary stress to the coils which cause them to degrade faster.

Avoid Heat Sources

Although our fridges are placed in the kitchen, it is important to keep them away from any prominent heat sources. Appliances such as your stove and dishwasher or even direct sunlight can negatively affect the life span of your refrigerator.

Avoid Blocking Vents and Too Much Free Space

When it comes to storing products and goods inside your refrigerator, it is important to be mindful of the space you will be using. Avoid blocking the vents around your refrigerator and try to keep your refrigerator properly stocked up.

Having a refrigerator with too much space means more work for its components to do which can lead to overworking and the shortening of its lifespan.

Other than these tips, a good way to ensure that your refrigerator will last a long time is to find a good model such as SmartThinQ modèle lfxs28566s as modern models such as these is good for several decades.

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