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4 Benefits of Upgrading to a New Garage Door Opener


A new garage door opener can connect your home’s home assistants, such as Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa. The best option for you is one that connects with the same devices you already have. It’s best to choose a product with a single platform sync for easier integration with your home assistant.

Photo-eye sensors prevent property damage.

Photo-eye sensors on a new garage door opener protect your property and belongings from damage. You should check the photo eyes to ensure they are clean and aligned properly. Dirty photo-eyes may block the light beam, and misaligned sensors will interrupt the beam signal.

If the photo-eye sensors are not working correctly, try putting a small box between them. If you do, you should seek the assistance of a professional garage door technician.

In addition to property damage, photo-eye sensors prevent reversals, which can result in the garage door closing on someone’s property. Photo-eye sensors are typically installed six inches off the ground and are responsible for detecting obstructions in the doorway. When the beam is interrupted, the transmitter (amber light) sends a signal to the receiver (green light), and the door reverses direction.

Low maintenance

If you want to install a low-maintenance garage door opener, there are several tips that you can follow at coastalgaragedoors.com. First, you need to know what type of garage door opener you have. Both extension and torsion spring openers are available. The bearings in the torsion spring type must be lubricated. Likewise, the pulleys and springs on the extension spring type need to be lubricated.

Low-maintenance garage door openers should also have LED lights on the panel. These will warn you of any maintenance issues with your garage opener. They also let you know what repairs you need to make. Also, look for wall-mounted options. This will save you space but is costly.

Screw-drive garage door openers are another low-maintenance option. They operate through a threaded rod or trolley. They also open and close smoothly without noise.

WiFi connectivity

It’s important to have good WiFi connectivity when upgrading to a new garage door opener. However, it can be tricky to get it in a garage. Many factors can interfere with WiFi signal strength, including physical obstructions, thick walls, and old networking devices. Fortunately, there are several ways to improve your signal.

If you have a smartphone or tablet, you’ll be pleased to know that Wi-Fi connectivity is now available in various garage door openers. In addition, Wi-Fi-connected garage door openers can communicate with smart home systems, such as a home automation system.

Safety Reversing Mechanism

The safety reversing mechanism is a very important part of a garage door opener. If it happens, you should call for repair.

Safety reversing mechanisms are a requirement for new garage door openers. They help ensure that the doors will not cause an accident if they reverse while moving. They work by detecting objects or people that break a beam of light that runs through the garage door system. Then, the system will reverse the door when something comes in contact with the light beam. If your garage door opener was installed before 1993, you should get a new one with this safety feature.

Most modern openers have a safety reversing feature that automatically reverses the door if it hits an object. Not only is this a voluntary industry standard, but it is also required by U.S. federal law. Depending on the opener, the safety reversing mechanism may consist of a photoelectric eye mounted no higher than six inches above the ground or an electric safety edge attached to the bottom of the door.

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